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what ive been up to lately

well....i havent posted in a long time, so this is whats been going on. I'm still getting over having my heartbroken by Kou Wolffe. Its hard to have to deal with someone that has chosen me over someone else, even after i tried to be friends with his new BF, and then he stabbed me in the back. After all this happened, i became so angry and hurt, that i became a bit of a grifer. After i came to realize that what i was doing was wrong, i stopped, swallowed my pride, and apologized. Even though, it was I that deserved the apology, and im not talking about Kou, i mean Demens his now mate. 

Another factor in my going nuts, was the fact that i spend most of my days alone, i hate where i live, i hate my job, i tend to drink often out of loneliness and smoke cigarttes alot. I have no BF here, i dont even have any friends to hang out with, except a few that i never see.

But now, im trying hard to movve on and cope with all of this. My fur friends online have been a big help. I just finished the first edition of my new audio project. I'm going to MFF with Back Fire and DJ Cougur, going to a goth/industrial furry themed event in NYC on the 14th, and i should be DJing with Protocollie at the NYFB. So, I'm trying to move on, stay busy, deal with all of this, and make new friends as well.

I can't see myself ever having another mate or BF ever again after this. But i know this feeling is only temporary, but ive been hurt very deeply. I'm trying hard to get though this. The only thing that can help me get over this, is if i can have both of Kou and Demens open up to me, but its going to take time. There has been alot of damage done on all 3 of our parts. But im more then willing now to do this, like i was in the beginning. If it all goes wrong again, its going to be their fault, not mine.

Other then that, things are pretty much boring, and its possible i may not be abel to live here in a year or so from now, so i need to start finding a new place to live (more stress).

so thats basically it
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late entry

Had a great time at the furball, now its back to the crap at work. I just got a pay raise, and all, but its still not enough for the work i do, but its a job i guess.
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If PETA gets what they want

If PETA gets what they want: the entire meat and animal related food industry would come to an end. This will cause an enormous loss of jobs and a huge drop in multiple stocks, causing the world’s economy to collapse. Wars will ensue and day by day we will step into a future much like “The Road Warrior”, bikers and renegades fighting over cans of Spam and tins of Slim Jims. Animals in zoos will be let loose to starve without guidance and allowed to run amok, attacking and humping innocent people. Generations of children will grow up with a lack of education of the animal kingdom. 2/3 of the food for humanity will disappear, creating a worldwide famine. Eventually most of the world will stave to death, except for the rich Hollywood celebrities that are the core members of PETA. The last of the PETA humanity will live on soy products and canned vegetables, dooming themselves to an under-nourished existence void of protein. They will grow to become pale, gaunt, and listless; living their lives watching each other walk down red carpets on closed circuit TV. These remaining survivors will wander the abandoned streets like a George Romero movie, looking for ‘normals’ to worship them as they did before the world came to an end. Eventually the dogs and cats will generate into a massive population explosion, and become ravenous due to the absence of pet food production. The remaining PETA survivors of humanity will eventually all be devoured by the very animals that they sought out to “set free”.


And just as a kicker: right as the last of humanity dies, aliens will land with the gift of world peace and happiness. Finding that humanity has come to an end, they decide to give it to those jerk-offs in Alpha Centari.



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I read the news today, oh boy.....Richard Wright dies at 65

I was in an ok mood today, up until the news popped up on meh Yahoo account. I read the sad news that Richard Wright, keyboard, vocalist, and one of the founding members of Pink Floyd, is gone. He was one of meh favorite guys in Pink Floyd, even though alot of the times he seemed to be shuffled away towards the back of the band. He had the most beautiful voice out of any of the other singers, in my opinion. His backing vocals, and occasional lead vocals were amazing. I always loved listening to the few songs that he wrote on his own when he was with the band. "Paint Box" will always remain to me as a staple of classic rock, and psychedelic rock. His performance of "Us and Them" was another one of his stand-outs, as well as innovative use of synths in songs such as "Welcome to the Machine", "Dogs", and his live performances on the live album "Pulse". He had a funky style of playing the electric organ, and piano, and had what they called Richard's Turkish fried licks, or some silly thing like that.

familiar with the band's history probably know that it was during the recording of The Wall that the increasingly difficult to work with Waters forced Wright out of the band as an "official" member, leading to an increasingly period in the 1980s in which the keyboardist toured with his own group--as a salaried accompanist. It wasn't until the latter part of the decade after Waters finally left the band--and unsuccessfully sued Gilmour and drummer Nick Mason over rights to the Pink Floyd name--that Wright rejoined as a full member. (In the interim Wright released a solo album, fittingly titled Identity.

Goodbye Rick. We are all going to miss you alot. Say hi to Syd for us all.

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just saw.....

I got to see the Redone Director's edition of Star Trek the Motion Picture today. I was impressed. Just finished meh first yiffy story. Ill have it up for posting soon.
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nothing exciting

Spent another day watching Star Trek. I'm almost done with meh first Lemon (yiffy story). I'm gonna proofread it again tonight. Then I'll post it here. I do want meh wolfie to read it over and make any changes that he want, due to the fact that the story does involve him too. I've always liked writing. This it the first short story I've written in a long time. I used to write horror, which i do want to get into, but i just haven't had any good original ideas lately. So in the mean time, ill shave off the rust, by writing furry porn. -giggles-
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Another boring day

Woke up late after being up till 4 in the morning, working on a yiff story ive been writing. Spent most of the day watching Star Trek, cleaned up the yard, now im posting here. Hopefully be starting work in a week or 2. Then maybe then i can have the cash to go up to the city to see meh furson, Darius. I'm so yiffy, i havent had yiff in over a month. I think I'm gonna burst. Oh well...I'll see him soon i hope.
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